Grant data access

Google Admin

As we are regularly publishing a new features for "EZ Mailbox Investigation", Some of the new feature require new data access. When a new feature require that additional data access of the application change, beyond what was originally requested, you're notified in the Data access area and can grant or deny the additional access



  • No need for script validation!
  • No need use audit capabilities!
  • No need for accounts passwords!
Immediate after installing the application, administrator can browse of all historical email message in any Gmail accounts, monitor contents to identify inappropriate usages.


  • Problem
    "The page cannot be displayed because the expectation failed" Or "407 Error"
    This error occurs when the API is unable to connect to the "G Suite" API. You should confirm that API access is enabled by performing the following steps:
    • Go to Admin console and authenticate as a domain administrator.
    • Click on Security.
    • Click on API reference.
    • Confirm that the checkbox Enable API access is checked.