Gmail Inspector

Inspect and spy other Gmail accounts within your G-Suite Domains

The ultimate Gmail inspector for G-Suite Administrators, Help Administrators to inspect and watch other Gmail accounts, read messages and download attachments

  • Spy and inspect emails messages from other gmail accounts
  • Read any Gmail message's in your "G-Suite" domain's, and inspect message content.
  • Download the attachments to your local computer or print the message, For further examination in the future.

NOTE: In order to launch the Gmail Reader tools and start inspect or spy your gmail accounts, First of all you must initiate the Gmail Reader within your G-Suite domain's as G-Suite add-on.

please refer to How to initiate within G-Suite to start automated initiate process.

The Gmail Reader (also: EZ Mailboxes Reader) is a Gmail inspector tools allowing G-Suite Administrators to inspect and read any Gmail messages in ANY mailbox account, without knowing their passwords, without any need for approval and without sending notification to them!

We offering Free version of Gmail Reader, with limited inspections features of Gmail inspectors. We are encouraging our customers for trying the free version of Gmail Reader first, and only if the tool is suited for them, establishing a Payment Agreement to unlock the grate Gmail inspector features of EZ Mailbox Reader

How to initiate within G-Suite ?

  • The Gmail Reader tool is available for G-Suite Administrators in one of the following ways:
    1. G-Suite Marketplace

      From Within the G-Suit Marketplace install the EZ Mailboxes Investigation apps.

      Please verify that you are authenticate with your G-Suite Administrator credentials

    2. Application Login Page:

      Within Gmail Reader login page, You can easily start the initiation process by clicking on Integrate with Google blue button's then follow the 2-Steps initiation wizards, to complete the process

  • When you done with the initiate process just click LOG-IN (LAUNCH) button within the application login page, and authenticate with your G-Suite Administrator credentials.
  • Within the startup process you can chose to start the inspecting in "FREE" mode with limited features. Or selecting one of Payment plans to unlock all the inspector features, and start to spy in "FULL" mode.
  • You can remove Gmail Reader through Marketplace apps located in your G-Suite Administrator Console at the Apps section's..


Inspect Gmail accounts Anonymously.

Watch and read Gmail messages of other user's within G-Suite domains, without knowing their passwords, without needed for user approval, and without sending notification to them!

G-Suite Apps

Gmail Reader is available only for G-Suite Administrators from: G-Suite Marketplace under the labels of: "EZ Mailboxes Investigation" and "Gmail Watcher for G-Suite Administrators"

Gmail Reader integrate within G-Suite domains as a G-Suite Apps

Easy to use

Install & Play!

  • No need for script validation!
  • No need use audit capabilities!
  • No need for accounts passwords!


  • Gmail Reader is only for G-Suite Administrators and will help you inspect Gmail mailboxes in your G-Suite domain
  • You permitted to use Gmail Reader to investigate Gmail accounts, Only if you Legitimate Administrator int the G-Suite domain
  • If you not sure about your account type, please try the Free Version First, No refund!